New and Reconditioned Turbocharger Fault Finding

Turbochargers are extremely reliable and faults are very rarely down to manufacturing error. Engine problems are more likely to be the cause of turbocharger failure. Below we will explain the most common problems experienced with turbochargers and how they might be fixed.

PROBLEM: Your engine lacks power

  • Internal engine components are worn
  • Repair or replace the components
  • Low boost
  • Check operation of wastegate and actuator
  • Replace the air filter
  • Air pipe between filter and turbo is leaking
  • Check the hose for cracks and tighten hose clips

PROBLEM: The turbocharger is noisy

  • Damaged turbocharger
  • Air filter/pipe blocked
  • Replace air filter/pipe
  • Air or gas leak from manifold or pipes
  • Replace gaskets, check manifold and pipes
  • Air pipe between filter and turbo is leaking
  • Check the hose for cracks and tighten hose clips

PROBLEM: Excessive blue/black exhaust smoke

  • Damage to turbine wheel or compressor
  • Check air intake pipe for damage and replace turbocharger
  • Deficient oil supply to turbocharger
  • Repair or replace turbocharger, identify reason for lack of oil
  • Actuator arm trapped in overboost
  • Repair or replace actuator and clean turbo

PROBLEM: excessive white exhaust smoke
SOLUTION: check the following:

  • Intercooler
  • Internal components of turbocharger

High boost pressure solutions:

  • Check the fuel system
  • Ensure the wastegate activator diaphragm isn’t split or incorrectly fitted
  • Open control valve if closed
  • Replace split hose
  • Check that the hose is fitted correctly

PROBLEM: excessive engine oil consumption - defective fuel system

  • Replace or rectify faulty components
  • Check air pipe
  • Check hoses and intercooler for leaks – replace if necessary
  • Check operation of crankcase breather system
  • Check breather pipes, hoses and one way valves

PROBLEM: blocked air filter

  • Clean or replace the filter

PROBLEM: Exhaust gas is leaking from the manifold

  • Replace the manifold and the gaskets

For further assistance when fault finding, do not hesitate to contact the friendly team at AC Turbos.