AC Turbos

Before AC Turbos can supply the right turbo for your vehicle, specific vehicle data will need to be provided to us. We will need your:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Chassis number if possible

We also need the turbo part number, the location of the turbo part number varies according to the type of turbo, the vehicle manufacturer and the vehicle marque. To make sure we send the correct turbo to you, please supply the make and part number of the turbo currently fitted to your car. If you are unable to locate the number, we should be able to identify your turbo using the following information:

  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model
  • Chassis number
  • Registration number/model year i.e. 2010
  • Size of engine i.e. 1.2

There are numerous manufacturers of turbochargers, including Borg Warner, Garrett, IHI, Mitsubishi and KKK. We can help you locate the part number you require for these companies. Borg Warner / KKK The part number for these manufacturers can be difficult to find. It is located on a small KKK plate on the alloy compressor cover.

The layout of the number is as follows: KP35-0005, 5435 970 0005, 5435 988 0005


The part number of a Garrett turbocharger comprises six digits, a dash and more digits i.e. 753420-0002 This number can usually be found on the alloy compressor cover of the turbocharger, either on a 2-inch plate or on the cover itself.


Mitsubishi part numbers are formatted differently again. They have 5 digits, a dash and another 5 digits i.e. 49173-07508 the number may be located on a tag attached to the turbocharger or stamped into the alloy of the compressor cover itself. The part number will begin with a ‘4’ more often than not. IHI Part numbers of IHI turbochargers contain a combination of letters and numbers and are stamped on the alloy compressor cover. An example of an IHI part number could be: JV24 If you need assistance identifying your turbo, please do not hesitate to contact us.